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The main idea

Have you thought of a favorite place that you can only remember by looking at pictures, videos, or do you have an imaginary world that you want to turn into reality? It is the second year that "Taia" creates such works. It is a diorama (miniature) three-dimensional scene that can carry a big story or idea. This is an art direction that is very alive, important, necessary and useful, even for educational purposes in schools, in order to develop students' skills of imagination.

The main idea of "Taia" since its inception is related to emotions and bringing them into reality, "Taia" is a means and an opportunity for people to touch emotions in the form of miniatures.


I am Tamuna Ianvarashvili - diorama artist

I am a journalist , I have worked in television, in a news agency, but I found myself in a completely different field of art. I have participated in various projects, including international training programs organized by USAID, Going Global Georgia - "Centre of Creative Industries of Tartu". All this helps me in personal growth, development of "Taia", communication with customers and delivery of works to the public in the right form.

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What they say about us?

Thank you very much for the amazing attitude, for doing the work with all your heart, for taking into account all the details and for the selfless effort to make everything turn out exactly as it is, every little thing or nuance is exactly as it really is.

A special thank you for the joy and emotion you bring to others and the opportunity you give to complete strangers to return to places they love and miss with all their hearts, where they spent their entire childhood and where they haven't been in years.

And thank you for the chance you give to others - to make their loved ones happy and give them the "sadness-happiness" of having "another house" at home - "another house" that is very homely and carries happy years.

Mariam Chkheidze


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